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Michelle Villalobos‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍ is a personal branding expert, motivational and inspirational speaker and personal branding consultant based anywhere and everywhere. Michelle leads a location-independent business and enjoys a nomadic lifestyle, traveling to new places to speak, consult and deliver workshops, seminars and keynotes, especial‍‍‍ly for entrepreneur and women audiences.
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Michelle works with ambitious individuals who want to build "Superstar" brands and businesses‍‍‍.


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What Every Expert, Entrepreneur, Coach, Consultant, Speaker & Trainer Needs to Know About Making Money (& Making An Impact!) With Speaking, Seminars & Events

If you’re an expert with a powerful message that you want to share with the world–and you want to make a great living while you're at it –then this is the program for you. Michelle Villalobos figured out how to take her struggling low 6-figure speaking & training business to a 7-figure speaking and mentoring business in just 14 months –and over the course of 3 magical days in Miami, will teach YOU how you can do it too

Are You Ready For Your Business To Align With Your Strengths, Passions & Lifestyle AND Drive Monthly Recurring Revenues?

Imagine what your life would be like with a business that easily attracts clients through mission-driven messaging. Imagine having a stable, scalable, business model that creates consistent monthly recurring revenue. Imagine tapping into your most powerful and limitless source of energy to move through fear and uncertainty.Imagine leading your business, your movement or your career with grace & ease. Imagine feeling energized, inspired and resourceful in the face of ‍‍‍any challenge. Imagine a life of connection, deep meaning and impact.

Get Ready For A Total Transformation of Yourself, Your Business & Your Life Over the next year, we will support you in building your Superstar Brand, Business & Movement

The Inner Circle is a community of high-caliber purpose-driven entrepreneurs committed to leading movements that make an impact on this planet, and the vehicle for that impact is their business or organization. This is a year-long program that supports you via community, culture, curriculum, content and coaching to drive sustainability, scalability, revenues, profits, and lifestyle. You are ready for a business that fills your bank account, feeds your heart and fulfills your soul.

You’ll hone your business model, get super clear on your mission and message, devise a business plan, develop irresistible offerings, learn to sell with grace, ease and int‍‍‍egrity, receive leadership from proven experts, get done-for-you brand materials, be surrounded by a supportive crew of engines, and much much more.

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A virtual superstar business mastery program & community. Click here to‍‍‍ sign up for alerts and get the best offer we'll ever make.

VIP ‍‍‍Day

This is for people who want it ALL and want it NOW – one-on-one with Michelle

The VIP Power Day will pick you up, shake you out, turn you around, and then put it all back together – in a way that strategically makes sense. By the time you’re done, you’ll have t‍‍‍otal clarity on everything you need to launch (or re-launch) your business/brand, whether that’s: a clear model, marketing strategy, 1-year Strategic Roadmap, pricing, messaging, signature presentation outline, or a 90-day action plan – or ALL of the above. Yes, we’ve done that too.

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