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Elizabeth Colón
Speaker & CEO of Metaphrasis Language & Cultural Solutions – Chicago, IL

“Since working with Michelle, I’m speaking more than ever, and big deals are just falling in my lap! I’m applying the techniques we’re learning and it’s amazing how effective they are – no matter what kind of deal I’m making.”

Ithamar Urdaneta
Author, Speaker & Coach – Miami & Latin America

“Michelle gave me a road map to brand myself, write my book, produce my events, land speaking engagements and monetize them. It has been amazing to watch the dream in my head for years come to life. Thank you Michelle.”

I help experts strategize & build "Superstar" Brands & Businesses

A Superstar Business is a new take on the "expert" model, one that turns your expertise, influence and knowledge into a lifestyle-friendly, scalable enterprise featuring predictable monthly recurring revenue and the ability to make a much bigger IMPACT.

If you're a speaker, author, coach, consultant, or expert, learn how you can create more FREEDOM, PROSPERITY, JOY and IMPACT from your business.

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Business & Brand Strategist, Speaker & Creator of The Superstar Enterprise Model

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Notable ‍‍‍Accomplishments & Accolades:

1st Place Winner of the 2013 Miami Herald Business Plan Challenge

Named one of Miami's "Top 20 Under 40" by The Miami Herald in 2011

Founded & Produced The Women's Success Summit I - XI (from 2010 - 2016)

‍‍‍‍‍‍Founded Supe‍‍‍rstar Speaker Academy (2014 - present)

Creator of Superstar Accelerator

Semi-Finalist of the 2008 Miami Herald Business Plan Challenge

About  Michelle Villalobos

"On the other side of every uh-oh, is an a-ha! – if you look for it. The uh-oh ALWAYS precedes the a-ha. So start embracing your mistakes, failures and missteps, they're how we grow and expand."

Michelle Villalobos (vee - ya - LOW - bos) earned an undergraduate degree in Psychology (modified with Math) fromDartmouth Collegein 1996, and an MBA from The University of Miami in 2004 (from which she graduated with a 4.0 GPA). She is a devout student of human nature, and is certified to administer and interpret the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Instrument). Michelle has consulted for companies like Frito Lay, Grey Goose and Walt Disney World Resorts, and has delivered hundreds of trainings, seminars and workshops for entrepreneur organizations and associations, like NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners), NSA (The National Speakers Association) and for companies like American Express, Bacardi and Lloyd’s of London. When Michelle isn't on a stage or in front of a room, she’s playing Dance Central on her Nintendo Wii or skiing the mountains of Colorado.

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Leverage the Power of Speaking to Build Your "Expert" Brand, Broaden Your Impact and Fulfill Your Purpose on this Planet!

“I was lost. My business was making some money, but it was inconsistent. I learned to focus on one niche and “own” it, as well as how to package and sell my services more effectively. Before... my biggest sale was $1,700, now it’s $9,995. I tell everyone... I really can't imagine what my life would be like if I had not met Michelle.”

LeeAnn Marie Webster
Creator of TotallyTelesummits
& Live Now Adventures

“Michelle has changed my life. The way I see it – I think in pictures – before Michelle I was like a black and white TV, and when I met Michelle, I turned into color.”

Monica Reyes
Creator of Spiritual Success Journey

“Michelle helped me create my brand, structure my pricing and packages, and supported me through execution. In less than a year I have grown so much as a woman that I hardly recognize myself – I love the new me, and I love Inner Circle!”

Claudia Saillant
"MindPowerment" Coach
& Host of PowerUp With Claudia

“Participating in the Inner Circle has sharpened me mentally, emotionally and professionally. My network and confidence have doubled, and I’ve overcome hiding in the shadows. I am purposeful and excited for my bright future.”

Whanadi Sobrevilla
Affinity for Wellness

Hi! I'm Michelle Villalobos, The "Superstar Activator"

As featured in:

Speak Up, Step Up & Shake Up The Planet

I am a speaker & mentor whose mission on this earth is support other speakers & mentors – AKA: "Superstars for Humanity" – leaders, influencers, game-changers, messengers, mentors and entrepreneurs who build businesses that lead others and make the world a better place.  

Are you one of us?

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1:40 - The a-ha! moment that tripled my business to over 7-figures in 14 months
2:20 - The biggest mistake experts make in getting new clients
3:40 - The ONE THING that establishes – for better or worse – your market value
7:45 - An easy way to shift your business model and to create more leverage
9:45 - Switching to a high-end boutique pricing model
10:37 - The speaking industry taboo that you should break, NOW
11:20 - The biggest strategic mistake I made in trying to build a speaking career
12:15 - How I turned one 2-hour speaking engagement into over $100k in 1 year
13:52 - You don't have to be a "great speaker" to get a great outcome
14:34 - Four components of a kick ass presentation
17:27 - Crafting your packages, programs & pricing
18:18 - Information is not transformation
20:14 - Create a virtual back end
22:18 - Mentorship
23:35 - Recap

Speaking Is The New Marketing Mini-Class
7 Strategies To Drive Leads, Increase Your Perceived Value & Make A Bigger Impact

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Our Team

Meet our Crew! These purposeful women are engines in my crew. You may end up connecting with one of these ladies.

Barbara Diaz

Jen Vera
Superstar Coach

Jen Clark
Partnerships & Engagements

Liz Murphy

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"What I Like Best"

Common Concerns

What Our Immersion Programs Are Like...

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"You Can't See The Label Of The Jar You're In"
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Delivering “A-HA!” Moments, One Audi‍‍‍ence at a Time

Michelle's presentations are engaging, high-energy and FUN. They are also strategically designed and structured to deliver massive value in a short amount of time – and not by overwhelming people with a firehose of information – "information is not transformation." Michelle helps audiences slice through years of entrenched mindset, maladaptive strategies and disempowering stories, and – often in an instant! – get to the clarity, strategy and inspiration that can transform their careers, businesses and lives. Attendees walk away feeling edified, enlightened and excited… so they remember the takeaways, and the event, for years to come.

Michelle Villalobos Speaks

* Michelle can also create or customize a presentation tailored to your specific objectives, audience and event.

Personal Branding Presentations

Personal Branding is what originally put Michelle on the map.
Below are her current favorite presentations on the topic.*

  • Shameless Self-Promotion: Drive Leads, Raise Prices & Sell More (When What You're Selling Is YOU)
  • ‍‍‍YOU The Brand: Superstar Strategies For Visibility, Credibility & Profitability

Women's Empowerment & ‍‍‍Leadership

Michelle is masterful at connecting with audiences of women, and in fact founded and produced Miami's longest-running and largest women entrepreneur event for 7 years. Below are her most popular current presentations.*

  • Time to Shine: 10 Shifts For Women To Step Into Leadership
  • Make Them BEG: Inbound Lead Generation & Marketing for Small Businesses & Solopreneurs
  • No Cartwheels In The House! Rewrite Your Childhood To Find Self-Expression, Self-Acceptance & Self-Love

‍‍‍Presentations for Solopreneurs & Experts

Michelle has delivered programs to tens of thousands of entrepreneurs over the past 10 years.
Below are her current favorite presentations.*

  • Make Them BEG: Inbound Lead Generation & Marketing for Experts,  Solopreneurs & Other Service Providers‍‍‍
  • From Uh-Oh To A-Ha! Blinding Flashes of Insight For Small Business Sales, Marketing & Profits
  • Small Events, Big Money: How to Create & Fill 6-Figure Retreats, Seminars & Workshops

"If You Want to Be Successful... Model Successful People" – Tony Robbins

Work With Miche‍‍‍lle

Mentorship Programs & Immersion Events

Superstar Speaker Academy
Map out your sustainable, scalable, Speaker Enterprise, live in-person with Michelle & her team – in just 3 days!

Awaken Your Inner Superstar
Align your business with your truest self and with what’s going on in the market, and create your 1-Year Strategic Roadmap & 90-Day Plan

Superstar Inner Circle
Spend 1 year working with Michelle, her team & our "Crew" to launch or relaunch your Superstar Brand & Business. Enrollment opens 2x/year.

Superstar Incubator
Coming Soon: A virtual superstar business mastery program & community. Click here to sign up for alerts and get the best offer we'll ever make.

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“Michelle has changed my life. The way I see it – I think in pictures – before Michelle, I was like a black and white TV, and when I met Michelle, I turned into COLOR.

Monica Reyes
Spiritual Success Journey

Clients Include:

"We had overwhelmingly positive feedback from Michelle's presentation, and already recommended Michelle for more engagements. She's onto a winner here."

Lizzie Brown, American Express

Upcoming Events

Speak To Serve Workshop I July 22, 2017 Miami, FL

Superstar Speaker Academy  I  ‍‍‍August 18 - 20, 2017

Awaken Your Inner Superstar  I  December 8 - 10, 2017

Superstar Summit  I  February 16-18, 2017 (tentative dates)








Watch Michelle in Action

Finding Your Business FLOW: The Relationship Between Personality & Your Ideal Business Model

The Superstar Business Model: Optimizing Your Monetization Strategy

The Secret Ingredient: How PLAY Helps You Make More, Give More & ‍‍‍Contribute More


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