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Organizations like NAWBO (National Association of Women Business Owners), Office Depot Foundation, American Express, Bacardi, Univisión and Burger King have all trusted Michelle to inspire, motivate and arm their audiences with new attitudes, perspectives and strategies for professional development, personal development and performance.

"Michelle, thank you so much for being part of our 2016 [NAWBO Chicago] conference! The surveys show that you were clearly a HIT! I especially found your message about making time to play and take care of yourself so refreshing and encouraging. Thank ‍‍‍you again for your spirit and your message, it was awesome!"

– Melissa M. Lagowski, Owner, Big Buzz Idea Group

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Delivering “A-ha!” Moments... One Audience at a Time

* Michelle can also create or customize a presentation tailored to your specific objectives, audience and event.

Keynote #3 - Make Them BEG:
Secrets of Irresistible Branding, Marketing & Selling (When What You’re Selling is YOU)

Themes: Pull vs. Push Business Development, Attraction-based Marketing, Confidence, Unique Value Positioning

Audiences: Professional Service Providers, Expert Entrepreneurs, Info-Marketers, Speakers, Authors, Consultants

Description: Shift the focus away from hunting and chasing business, to attracting and receiving leads, referrals and opportunities -- all while increasing perceived value, so you can be at the high-end of the price spectrum. This is Michelle's original topic, which won her 1st place in the 2013 Miami Herald Business Plan Challenge.

Outcomes: Walk away with simple ways to raise perceived value, increase prices and generate more inbound business.

Keynote #2 - Work & Play, Every Day:
‍‍‍The 7-Step Blueprint for a Sustainable, Scalable & Successful Business That You LOVE‍‍‍

Themes: Entrepreneurial Drive, Commitment, Purpose, Confidence.

Audiences: Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs, Small Business Owners, Self-Employed Women, Nonprofit Leaders

Description: A presentation filled with a-ha moments around building an energy rich business that's sustainable, scalable and impactful. Appropriate for audiences of entrepreneurial overachievers who desire success AND fulfillment, grace, ease and flow.  

Outcomes: Breakthroughs around how to bring their business, brand, marketing and sales into alignment with their strengths, passions and values.


‍‍‍"We had overwhelmingly positive feedback from Michelle's‍‍‍ ‍‍‍presentation, and already recommended Michelle for more engagements. She's onto a winner here."

Lizzie Brown, American Express

"When Michelle speaks, sparks fly..."‍‍‍‍‍‍


"I’ve done Tony Robbins Unlimited Power (twice) and I’ve done Oprah Live… I’ve done all sorts of these types of programs. And I’m telling you that I’ve never gotten such big results from such a short session. It was just an hour, but a few days after the session… a client tried to ha‍‍‍ggle with me, [so] I applied…the “Red Sole” principle that Michelle taught and was able to maintain my price point and have the prospect “get” my value.

Crystal L. Allison
Trusted Advisor, World Class Audit, Technology Risk & AdvisoryAttended American Express Open CEO Bootcamp

"If you want to get ahead in your business or your career, people have to know who you are…. I can't say enough about what I've seen Michelle do to help people be in a position to be found, known and stand out."

‍‍‍‍‍‍ Nell Merlino
Founder of Take Our Daughters To Work DayAuthor, Stepping Out Of Line

"Typically I am thrilled if I can walk away from a seminar with 1 key piece of information that I didn't know before. Michelle's Seminar had me captivated for 2 hours. I'm telling you that minute after minute I was learning vital information that was practical, useful, powerful and relevant.”

Dr. Todd Narson
Diplomate, American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians

"This event was truly career changing for me. I have always focused on our [posture] product more than my years of expertise as a posture specialist. After this event I realized the value in my unique experience and how to maximize and monetize it… [One year later,] by applying Michelle's signature process our sales and my personal value have doubled! Thanks Michelle you give it  your all and y‍‍‍ou are amazing!

Marina Prospero
Founder/Co-Owner, www.ergoofficesupport.com

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Retreats To Riches:
Design, Fill & Deliver Small Ev‍‍‍ents That Generate BIG Results

Ideal for speaker, author and coach audiences, to help them transition from 1:1 time-for-money models to leveraged, scalable live and virtual group and event models. One of the biggest outcomes of this training is that they develop a an understanding of how they can build a "Big Back End" with monthly recurring revenue stream so their lifestyle improves, while delivering more value to their clients and making a bigger impact.

Speaking Is The New Marketing
Develop A Superstar Presentation To Drive Visibility, Credibility & Opportunity

‍‍‍Other Areas of Expertise

Brainstorming & Session Facilitation‍‍‍

Michelle wrote the manual on creative meeting fa‍‍‍cilitation and effective brainstorming (literally! download it here) and can make any live session both effective AND fun. She’s done numerous corporate, non-profit & government retreats.

Results guaranteed. Michelle will prepare the session, define your meeting goals, prioritize your issues, and facilitate a program tailored to the outcomes you need.

Persona‍‍‍lity Type For Business

Interviews, Exercises & More

In addition to her MBA, Michelle holds an undergraduate degree in Psychology and is qualified to administer and interpret the Myers-Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI).

She does Personality Type for Sales, Personality Type for Teams, Personality Type for pretty much ANYTHING business related.

Michelle can likely “fill in” gaps at your event. She does CEO interviews, live brainstorming sessions, interactive audience exercises, live presentation feedback & polishing, onstage interviews, and more.

Since Michelle will already be at your event, take advantage and maximize her pres‍‍‍ence!

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Keynote #1 - Awaken Your Inner Superstar
Speak Up, Step Up & Shake Up The Planet

Themes: Leadership,  Commitment, Purpose, Confidence.

Audiences: Women Leaders & Influencers

Description: An inspirational journey through time and history to explore and discover the impact that women have made and can make by speaking up and taking action – however imperfectly.  

Outcomes: This moving keynote taps into passion, mission and fuel to step into leadership, and stresses the importance of leading one's SELF in order to lead others.

‍‍‍* Michelle can also create or customize a presentation tailored to your specifi‍‍‍c objectives, audience and event.

They are also strategically designed and structured to deliver massive value in a short amount of time – and not by overwhelming people with a firehose of information – "information is not transformation."

Michelle helps participants slice through years of entrenched mindset, maladaptive strategies and disempowering stories, and – often in an instant! – get to the cla‍‍‍rity, strategy and inspiration that can transform their careers, businesses and lives. Audiences walk away feeling enlightened, transformed and excited… so they remember the takeaways, often for years to come.


From the big stage to the boardroom, Michelle's programs are high-value, high-energy and FUN.  


  • Superstar Business: Superstars are leaders who cultivate influence and income to make an impact. Michelle has developed a 7-step model for Superstars to build and grow sustainable, lifestyle-friendly businesses.
  • Personal Branding: Personal branding is the art and science of attraction in service of a mission, message or movement. Michelle has been speaking on this topic for over 1‍‍1 years, and in 2013 won the Miami Herald Business Plan Challenge for her personal branding program “Make Them BEG.”
  • Women’s Leadership: Though business has traditionally been “a man’s world,” things have shifted dramatically and quickly in the past 60 years. Michelle has a variety of programs that support women in bringing their gifts and talents to the workplace, and to the planet.  

Keynote‍‍‍s *

Breakouts‍‍‍, Trainings & Workshops

(Note: The below keynotes are always customized, and can also be delivered as breakouts, sem‍‍‍inars and workshops)

“Michelle stole the show. She’s engaging, funny, embraces a growth mindset and is brutally honest about her journey to success. She spoke to my head through my heart, which is a rare talent, and challenged my brain to figure out how to fall back in love with my work. I walked away with some glorious nuggets of information that I plan on incorporating.”

Nora Burns, Founder & Chief Instigator at HR-Undercover.com, President, National Speakers Association (NSA) Colorado

Michelle loves delivering hands-on, roll-up-your-sleeves, let's-get-to-work breakouts and workshops that dive deep into specific areas of her expertise.

Sales As Service
Stop Hustlin‍‍‍g & Start Attracting Sales With Grace & Ease

What if sales were easy? Sales as Service is a paradigm shift such that the sales process itself becomes so valuable to your prospects -- whether they buy or not -- that new opportunities flow to you with grace and ease. In this training, you'll learn this simple conversational framework that delivers insights, establishes trust, and generates so much goodwill that you'll be rolling in the referrals.

"Michelle was amazing. Energetic. Powerful. A commanding presence f‍‍‍rom the stage... I am committed to using [her] script to the letter.

Kerry K. Miller, Sr. Owner & CEO, Beacon Funnels, Attendee at The Ultimate Sales Summit

Few marketing strategies are more effective than being a recognized thought leader... and few strategies are more effective for becoming a thought leader than speaking! Develop‍‍‍ your signature presentation that wows the crowd and attracts new business with grace, ease and flow.  

Delivering “A-ha!” Moments... On‍‍‍e ‍‍‍Audience at a Time