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Client Feedback & Results

“The Inner Circle has raised my standards and expectations for myself and my life. I’m now a proud "six figure chick” and I've never had this much fun or freedom in my business! Michelle's “work & play” philosophy has changed my game forever.“

 – Brittany Pelaez, Founder, Financial Fitness Movement

“Since joining Inner Circle, I’m speaking more than ever, and big deals are just falling in my lap! I’m applying the techniques we’re learning and it’s amazing how effective they are – no matter what kind of deal I’m making.”

 – Elizabeth Colón, Speaker & CEO of Metaphrasis Language & Cultural Solutions

“In the first week after my 3-day retreat, I used the Superstar Sales System... and closed my first deal ever, a $7,500 monthly retainer for a year. Within 3 months, I'd landed 4 more clients."

 – Sol Picón, Picón & Co.

“Michelle gave me a road map to brand myself, write my book, produce my events, land speaking engagements and monetize them.”

– Ithamar Urdaneta, Author & Speaker

"It seems that after having clarified my mind and understood the mechanism of success during the retreat, it all comes in a much more obvious and easy way than before: I am more focused, I know better what I want, who I am, and most importantly what are my assets; I also "look" much more confident, and that seems very attractive to the people I work with. I also know how to show what I want in a non “begging” way... and great things start to happen. For example, I will have my first big advertising shooting for Chanel in a few days, for the exact amount that i focused on during the retreat...

– Theodora Richter, Theodora Richter Photography,

A Complete & Total Transformation of Yourself, Your Business & Your Life

The Superstar Accelerator is Michelle’s Virtual Jumpstart Program. It includes the 6-Module Identity, Influence, Income Personal Branding Do-It-Yourself Program, plus the Superstar Sales Magic Kit, which teaches you exactly how to enroll people in your programs with Integrity, and includes scripts and an audio training that you can listen to again and again to hone your skills. Click here to take a free online training to learn more about the content of the Accelerator, or just click here if you already know you want it: [Lynda – funnel]

The Superstar Incubator The Superstar Incubator Program is the most intensive, results-oriented training we could design in the most compact time frame. This done-with-you immersion program is designed to give you the foundation for a successful business for the long-haul. It includes: 1) Business Planning & Development – develop your identity, brand, model, packages, and pricing, 2) Sales & Marketing – design a plan and process to fill your pipeline consistently, and learn the essential skills to convert prospects into clients, and 3) Performance, including Signature Speech/Story Development, Polishing & Practice. For more information, click here to book a complimentary strategy session. [connect to clickfunnels page]

Together We’ll Create a Business That Aligns With Your True Self,
Purpose And Mission – AND Makes Total Business Sense?

Build a Superstar Brand, Run Profitable Retreats and Events,
and Learn To Sell and Enroll With Integrity, Grace and Ease

The Superstar Inner Circle – The time has come for you to grow your business following the right steps, in the right order, surrounded by the right people. Get the training, support and community you need to have a profitable, leveraged, scalable, “lifestyle” business that not only fills your bank account but also fulfills your heart and soul. The Superstar Inner Circle is a comprehensive year-long training, coaching and mentoring program that shows you how to build a sustainable business that drives both revenues, profit and IMPACT. For more information, click here. [connect to clickfunnels page with Inner Circle video – Lynda – see Russell Brunsen page] 

If you’re interested in one of these programs, but aren’t sure which is right for you, we invite you to a no-pressure, high-value Superstar Strategy Session with a Superstar Brand Consultant. These are not salespeople, they are actual Superstar Branding & Business coaches trained to help you identify your best, next move.
Click below to book.

Click here to book a complimentary
Superstar Strategy Session!

“When Michelle speaks, sparks fly...”‍‍‍

If I look at my life prior to meeting you, I am presently embarking on the "miraculous"...  The first meeting at your office was an explosive wake-up call!... You zoned in on my inner essence and simultaneously elicited words, adjectives, colors and a futuristic vision as if you were living inside me! 

Martin Cohen, Relationship Coach, Following Consulting & Coaching Work with Michelle

Client Feedback & Results

“The Inner Circle has become a support group to me that I have NEVER experienced before. I know they have my back and that is priceless. Michelle YOU have taught me to be BOLD... I thank you more than you know for your partnership, feedback and support.” 

 – Mary Wong, President, Office Depot Foundation

"The Superstar Speaker Academy with Michelle Villalobos was probably one of the most significant weekends of my life – 10x better than another similar event I went out to in Vegas, and I won a $2200 jackpot there….” 

Bill Hansen, Bill Hansen Catering